Coffee & Candids Workshop


First I want to say, i'm sitting here at a coffee shop making this entire workshop thing come to life. As i'm sitting here my phone is blowing up with people who want to learn from ME. I didn't think i'd ever get to the point where I could teach people, little ole' Lex. I am forever grateful for each and every person who has been my apart of my journey to being a successful business owner of freaking PHOTOGRAPHY. I want to share everything I know with you so you can see how amazing it is to live a life of pursing dreams. After flunking out of college, never did I think I could make something of myself. At 21 years old I made 5 figures in 2-3 months. I WANT TO SHARE THAT. I am so about community over competition. I want you to be successful and stop being slumped about your 9-5 desk job. Lets get together, be friends, talk all things business and take some bomb ass pictures while we're at it. 

Coffee On Me Workshop

All The Candids Workshop

Coffee & Candids Workshop



This workshop will include a 2 hour session at your favorite coffee shop! We will start with a coffee on me of course (duh hence the name) and talk everything BUSINESS. We will go over your:
Visions & Goals
Niche & Vibe
We will cover the 7 MAIN secret tools you need to start and have a professional and successful business. 
We will go over marketing, and what you need to keep your clients interested.
Lastly we will go over building you a portfolio & website. 
I have so much I want to share to anyone wanting to be a photographer - I will tell you all that I know and transform your business for the better! I can't wait to meet you and build you to be at your best potential.

This is the workshop where you will see your work come to life. Come along with me to a session and capture all the behind the scenes.
In this workshop we will cover:
Camera Settings
How to make your clients feel like they've known you forever, make them laugh & learn all the tips and tricks to directing and naturally posing your love birds for THE BEST outcome.
Angles and Lighting
Editing your images & Lightroom Introduction
Picking the best spots to set the mood of your shoot.


The best of both worlds!
We will have an entire day together going over business & fun. We will start with everything and more from the Coffee On Me Workshop, followed by the All The Candids Workshop and finish at a hot spot to watch our magic come to life! Investing in your business is the best way to learn and grow. I cant wait to watch you take you business and run with it!

Let's Make It Happen

Britton Farlow

"With being so new to the photography world and starting from literally the ground up with my own business - I am a living testimony that Lex literally changed my business in an hour. She taught me tricks and skills people pay loads of money for. I cannot thank her enough and for how young and early she is in her career - she really knows her stuff. This is worth every penny."

Durden Smith

"20/10 Amazing. So sweet and knowledgeable. One of the most unique and most down to earth people I’ve ever met! Answered every little question we had and explained it so well that way we could all understand. I would love to learn from her again!"

Aniqa Virani

"Alexis came to Atlanta to teach our Marketing Team all about photography and a bit of videography too and it was incredible. She was so patient, answered all of our questions super in depth and even helped us with examples. She shared tips and tricks with us that we wouldn’t even have thought of or would have known until she said it! She is the best of the best, highly recommend!"

Jiana Zapata

"As someone who loves photography but needed a lot more advice and guidance, I honestly loved the workshop! I was able to ask all the questions that I wanted to and Lex answered with her honest opinion. I used all the tools I learned that exact day and already saw an improvement in my work. Lex is an amazing teacher and hearing her story was incredibly inspiring!!!"